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Ditch Those Old, Unsafe Heaters
Old room heaters are outdated and potentially unsafe. Time to upgrade into the current century. read more
Replace Water-Damaged Ducts
Has there ever been water below the house? That’s a flood line on the side of the ductwork. These ducts should be replaced. read more
Duct Taping Asbestos Ducts - Don't do it!
New ducts cannot safely be connected with duct tape to old ducts covered with asbestos material. Time to call a professional. Duct tape is good for many things- except ducts. read more
Beware Unwanted Guests
Rodents and small critters love duct insulation. Let’s seal up all those small openings into the subfloor area. read more
Improper Dryer Venting
Dryers should vent downwards if possible, but definitely not up the brick flue to the roof! Dryer vent fires are all too common in clogged dryer vents. read more
Choose Your Plumber Wisely...
The plumber got paid by the hour. read more
Don't Wait to Fix Your Plumbing Leaks
Its best to fix the plumbing leaks as soon as possible. Don’t wait. read more
Replace Steel Pipes Soon
Many homes built before about 1954 have steel piping which is near the end of its useful life. That’s why the water flow drops in the shower! There is more mineral build up in the hot water pipes, and the hot side will usually run slower than the... read more
Flexible Plastic Fittings
Just because they sell it at Home Depot doesn’t make it a good idea. These flexible plastic fittings are very prone to blockage due to the deep grooves which will hold food waste from the disposer. read more
Lead Waste Pipes
If you have a very old home your inspector may talk about a “lead bend” on your toilet waste pipe. These are indeed lead and are all nearing the end of their useful life. They can be costly to replace. read more