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Flexible Drain Solution
This common solution to difficult drain connections is not approved. The folds in the pipe will collect gunk. read more
subfloor area
House Framing Is No Simple Task
House framing is not child’s play! Many nonstandard repairs and modifications may be functional for a time, but what about when the ground starts shaking? read more
safety first
Dispose of Your Old Chemicals
Many homes have a stock of very old and dangerous chemicals. Proper disposal is important. Most counties have drop-off stations for these chemicals. read more
safety first
Unfortunate Ceiling Fan Placement
Honey, would you get the Christmas decorations from the attic? Honey? read more
safety first
Look Out for Old Gas-Fired Heaters
Carbon Monoxide detectors will soon be required. Why wait? Get one now. Old gas-fired heaters may be leaking below the floor level. read more
safety first
Unsafe Stairways
Again- watch out for your 2-year old and his little friends. read more
safety first
Unsafe Railings
Lovely garden scene; unless you have a 2 year old. Many railing systems are outdated and potentially unsafe. Upgrading is usually not required. Common sense is needed here. read more
What Condition Is Your Roof Really In?
Roofing which may appear fine from the street is often seen to be in poor condition when viewed up close by your inspector. read more
Seal Windows with Proper Flashings
Caulking is almost never a suitable substitute for proper flashing. Window and door flashings require a high level of care and expertise during installation. Asking “What were they thinking”? would apply here. read more
DIY - Not Always a Great Idea
Wouldn’t glass blocks look lovely honey? Seek professional help. read more