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Old Fuse Panels
Old fuse panels are very common and should be replaced. Changing fuses can be hazardous. Over-sized fuses are dangerous. read more
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Old Electric Heaters
These old bathroom heaters are still common. Little fingers easily pass through. Towels nearby may easily catch fire. These heaters should be removed. read more
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All Chimneys are a Hazard
All brick chimneys pose a risk in an earthquake. Your neighbor’s chimney may be more of a hazard to you than to the neighbor. Which way will it fall? read more
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Asbestos is Everywhere
Damaged asbestos is very common. Complete removal by a certified professional is routine in the Bay Area. read more
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100 Year Old Brickwork
All old brickwork is a hazard in an earthquake. Repointing old brick will not make it safe in an earthquake. Steel braces have little or no value. read more
Interior Gardening
Plants growing up through the baseboards is never a good sign. read more
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Large Untempered Glass Surfaces
Large panes of untempered glass are a serious safety hazard both for accidentally walking through and breakage in earthquakes. read more
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Stairs are Dangerous
Many accidents happen on stairs. Large openings in railings and untempered glass in windows are a hazard. read more
Old Cast Iron Waste Piping
Old cast iron usually lasts about 80 years. Many homes have rusty cast iron which will soon need replacement. read more
P-Trap Required
A “P” shaped trap is required to hold sewer gas back from escaping the sink. The “L” shaped trap in photo is wrong. read more